Family & Domestic Law

If you are facing a divorce, legal separation, custody battle, visitation rights, seeking alimony, parenting plan, etc, Hackett & Hackett PC provides a wealth of legal services relating to family & domestic law. Whether you are seeking legal separation and the ground for it, whether you are seeking to know your rights if you are legally divorced or have a children or child involved in a legal battle our family attorneys can provide with the best legal advice and assistance.

Perhaps you are not sure of your legal rights to joint legal custody, marital property, non-custodial parents obligations to pay child support, qualified domestic relations order (“QDRO”), service members civil relief act (“SCRA”), spousal support, uncontested divorce, etc, whatever the purpose or matter, our experienced attorneys are able to provide you with guidance and assistance on a variety of family & domestic related matters.

For a free initial legal consultation, contact Hackett & Hackett PC to discuss your family & domestic matters and how best we can provide you with guidance and legal assistance on your case or matter.

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